Stop the Madness $145

This is a single session where Sandy will help you identify what is happening, prioritize your activities, and generate a quick action plan to get you moving forward.
This is perfect when you feel overwhelmed. 

Priorities of the Heart $295 3 sessions

We all know what our highest priorities are but do you know how they incorporate into your life? Sandy will help you quantify your priorities. You'll know exactly what they look like so you can add them to your schedule. At the end of your day you'll know that the most important parts of your life have been handled with care.
Perfect if you're good with a calendar/schedule but just have too many things to accomplish.

Calendar Magic $745 typically 9 sessions

Tired of living like a gerbil on a wheel? Going to bed thinking of all the things you didn't get done and feeling guilty because you let the most important things in your life slip through the cracks? Sandy will walk you through a process that helps you identify your Priorities of the Heart, quantify them, then find the path to making room for them in your life. She'll help you open up your calendar so you actually have room for the things that matter most so you can get rid of stress and bring more joy into every day. 
Perfect for getting your life back on track. Includes everything in Priorities of the Heart plus much more.
Getting Started

If you have questions or are ready to schedule a session simply complete this form and Sandy will get back with you as soon as possible.
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