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Sandy Fowler
The Struggle

Many business owners struggle. They struggle to come up with content. They struggle to get customers attention. They struggle to come up with new products to help their clients. They struggle with leverageing their time. And they struggle to move forward when their thoughts are in a twirl.

The Solution

There's a simple solution to all of these problems - participate in an interview.

An interview is simply a conversation. It's an opportunity for two people to share information and exchange ideas. 

It's a natural way for us to gather information and to learn.

Whether you need to sort through your own thoughts or you want to capture a potential customer's attention, an interview is a powerful way to do it.

Why is an interview bettter than you simply making an audio yourself?

That's a great question. Interviews work because of the dynamic of a two-party conversation.

When you participate in an interview you can simply focus on the single question being asked. It's the interviewer's job to move the conversation forward, to look for connections and find new ideas.

This allows you to relax. It also allows a listener to relax. It's the reason talk radio is such an effective venue for advertising. When people listen to an interview, they are receptive and focus on understanding and gathering information.

It means they don't feel like they are being sold and they don't feel like they are being lectured.

It's a powerful way to teach, whether you're encouraging someone to purchase from you or you're sharing knowledge in a product.

Think about a time when you were in a classroom and the teacher was lecturing and looking at you. I bet you were pretty uncomfortable. And if it was math class you were probably terrified they would ask you to go to the board to work on a problem.

That's how many people feel when they listen to an audio. All they can think is, "Here's someone telling me what to do".

But with an interview that dynamic changes. Suddenly they are listening in on a conversation. And the expert sounds like a real person. When that happens the listener becomes receptive. They can take in information, in fact, they are grabbing at it.

Research shows commercials on talk radio shows are highly effective, largely because potential customers are already in a frame of mind to listen.

Benefits of using interview formats to reach customers:

  • Listeners don't feel pushed and can relax into a receptive state.
  • An interview feels friendly and puts you in a good light.
  • An interview gives you the chance to show off without looking like you're blowing your own horn.

Benefits of using interview formats internally:

  • Gain clarity. You can simply talk, do a brain dump, and let someone else sort through the mess to find the important points.
  • Save time. Writing takes longer than talking.
  • Find new opportunities. Talking through an idea with someone can open up new possibilites and also help you find new content.

Are you ready?

Do you want to get things moving again? Expand your offereings? Turn services into products? Clear your mind? Explore what's possible for you, what you can achieve by harnessing the power of the interview?

Email Sandy today to set up your complimentary consultation. We'll take a look at your business and find out if interviews can save you time, give you peace or expand your offerings to increase your bottom line.

  • Do you wish your potential customers would listen to you?
  • Do you have too many ideas whirling around your mind?
  • Do you want more audio content that captures attention?
  • Wish you had more products to offer?
  • Are you too busy to create new blog posts?
  • Would you rather talk than write?
  • Do you want to work on fresh ideas?
  • Would you like to expand your content?
Interviews with Sandy Fowler  are your answer!
Interviews are a powerful tool for accessing ideas, sorting mental clutter and reaching a receptive audience.

  • Harness the power of the interview to capture your client's attention, relax their defenses and get your point across.

  • Save time and expand content on your blog.

  • Create new products and leverage your knowledge to increase profit.
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Grow Your Business using
At times I have a post in my head but can't write it because of all the tangents that come to mind. Sandy came up with a way to capture my thoughts and put them into a form I can use on my blog. Who knew Interviews were the answer!? 

It was a quick, convenient and painless process. We chatted for a couple of minutes to find the focus and then recorded the 10 minute interview.  All I had to do was talk and she provided me with a file I could then pop up on my blog. Will definitely be using this on a regular basis especially when I’m too busy to write! 
Judy Davis, The Direction Diva
I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Sandy on her radio show on several occasions. Each time I felt excited and energized by the conversation. Sandy has a unique ability to bring out the nuances of what you are saying and add depth to the topic.  The interview experiences were so great I asked Sandy to partner with me on creating a product (  

Every aspect of working with Sandy was phenomenal. She helped me to organize my thoughts and create a framework for my subject matter that not only turned into a fantastic product, it became a powerful platform for all of my work. When she says she helps you to "organize your mind" she is not kidding. Sandy is a skilled listener, the hallmark of a great interviewer, and is able to hear the magic in what you are saying so you can obtain clarity and focus. 

Working with Sandy was such a privilege.  I look forward to our next project!!
Lisa Giruzzi ~ Coach, Speaker, Author 
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